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We promote safe
work practices

We are
solutions driven

We foster sharing
and learning

We collaborate to share stories and experiences

We advocate
best practice

We build relationships
& strengthen networks

Trialsafe is the positive outcome of an otherwise dreadful workplace incident.

Trialsafe was created in 2018 in response to a near devastating workplace accident that seriously injured a member of staff. In 2017, Steph, a research officer at AgXtra, was seriously injured when a header slipped into reverse and crushed her against another piece of machinery. Steph spent many days in hospital and months after recovering from a cracked rib, lacerated liver and punctured spleen. She was incredibly lucky that she walked away with her life. However, the accident sent shockwaves through AgXtra and deeply affected Director Richard Porter who was devastated to see one of his staff impacted that way.

In opening up to friends and colleagues Richard learned of Drillsafe, a safety initiative that operates in the oil and gas industry. Drillsafe is a neutral forum for industry representatives to share their safety stories from the field. Companies put their competitive differences aside to collaboratively tackle shared safety issues and outcomes. Richard immediately saw the transferability of the Drillsafe concept to his own industry and sought to replicate it by creating Trialsafe. With the support of leading agricultural research providers and clients, the first Trialsafe seminar was held in September 2018.